About Us
About us Every one of us wants to stay close to their friends and family but the distance has made it so difficult to even have a glimpse of them. But don’t let the distance separate you with Gopida. Founded in 2016, Gopida is a social networking site which will make you feel like you are closer to your loved ones. Why use Gopida? • Gopida is absolutely free to use. • Post and share your thoughts, photos, videos and share every moment of your life. • You can view, share and comment on the posts of your friends and family. • Make new friends and chat with them free of cost. • Advertise your products and services to grow your business. • You can download the gopida app on your mobile phone. • If you can’t reach you close ones on their special days like birthday or anniversary or anything, send them gifts through gopida because you can shop online with gopida, yes that’s right. • The shopping cart feature allows you to shop for yourself. A feature which most of the social networking sites won’t offer you. What are you waiting for? Download the gopida app now and let the journey begin. Don’t let the distance make you away from your family and friends. Wish you a happy chapping (chatting+shopping).