Privacy Policy
  • Copyright of this privacy policy belongs to Gopida. All the information provided on Gopida website is solely related to how to use Gopida website for your benefits. The privacy policy of Gopida is drafted for your convenience to let you know that any personal information provided by you to us is kept confidential and secret from any third party.
  • The privacy policy was last updated on February 10, 2017. Gopida holds every right to change or update their privacy policy at any moment of the time with or without your prior acknowledgement. Hence, being a Gopida user you are subjected to stay updated with our privacy policy, time to time.
  • This is to clearly inform you that once you sign up and use the social networking platform provided by Gopida website, you legally agree to our privacy policy and terms of use. Hence, kindly read our policies and agree with the terms to further use our platform.
  • Gopida is a social networking website which allows you to connect worldwide with different people sitting in different corners of the world and share your ideas and emotions. You can upload photos, videos, GIFs and write a post for your followers to see and enjoy. You can also follow the users to keep a track on their posts and updates.
  • Gopida is a legally sanctioned website. We are not indulged in any kind of crime or illegal activity. Hence, if any inappropriate post, image or activity is recorded by Gopida web team on your part, your account may subject to get inactive and permanent deletion of your account may occur.
  • Gopida is very specific about the information that it asks you to update. The personal information asked by Gopida while you sign up or creates your account are First name, Surname, Birth date and year, Gender, E-mail ID, Phone number, Country and your display picture.
  • All the information provided by you to us are kept solely confidential and reserved from any third party interference. We don't display your Email ID and Phone number publicly on our social networking site unless you permit us for the same. However, we are only responsible for preserving the information provided by you, directly to us. We are not responsible for any exposure of your personal information, if you, yourself have exposed them to anyone, even through our social media platform.
  • Gopida never asks for any bank account details or ATMs pins. If by any chance, any link or other website pops up on our website and ask for your bank account details, be sure that Gopida is not involved with any of it. If you ever receive any calls or SMS asking for your bank account details in the name of Gopida, please remember that we never ask for any bank details.
  • We will never sell or expose your personal information to any third party unless you ask us to do the same. However if you have any queries related to our social media platform and privacy policy, feel free to connect with us through our mail id: